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Real Estate

We provide complex services related to the Real Estate in Ukraine

The goal of the Law Company RESPECT is to ensure compliance of transactions related to acquisition, disposal and lease of real estate assets with the legislation of Ukraine. We focus our efforts on protection of legal rights and interests of individuals involved in such real estate transactions.

With this respect we provide further legal services to our clients:

  • Conducting due diligence of acquisition and disposal of real estate assets (apartment, house, etc.).
  • Legal expertise of title per real estate assets;
  • Legal advice on third parties' rights to real estate assets;
  • Drafting and review of preliminary agreement, down payment agreement, advance agreement;
  • Drafting agreements on lease of real estate premises (apartment, house, office).
  • Representing the client's interests in negotiations and concluding of lease agreements;
  • Legal advice on taxation matters;
  • Legal advice on inheritance of real estate assets.

To attention of our clients: Law Company RESPECT does not charge commission of real estate deals.