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Tax and Customs

We provide services related to the Tax Authorities and Customs

One of the most urgent problems for business development in Ukraine and abroad is effective tax planning.

This issue has become especially topical in the last year taking into account adoption of new Tax Code of Ukraine, in the result of which taxation rules for legal entities and individuals and mutual relationship with the controlling bodies have changed.

Law Firm ďRespectĒ has considerable experience in provision of legal services in the field of taxation and customs procedures, as during many years it has been dealing with the cases of a number of big enterprises of Ukraine, including tax and customs relation of their activity.

In the field of tax and customs regulation of legal entitiesí activity, and on the issues of individualsí taxation the company helps its customers by:

  • Providing consulting on the tax law issues
  • Assuring effective tax planning for individuals and legal entities, including non-residents, taking into account peculiarities, business forms and structure
  • Developing the most efficient business conduct patterns from the point of view of taxation
  • Providing practical assistance during tax audits
  • Carrying out legal expert examination of audit statements of the tax bodies
  • Representing interests in mutual relationship with the controlling and law enforcement bodies
  • Representing interests in case of appealing decisions of tax and customs bodies on the issues related to their competence.