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Mergers and acquisitions

We provide full-range services in reorganization of companies

Our company provides a range of services in Merger and Acquisition transactions from analysis, negotiation and support M and A deals to property rights acquisition till support of business development in Ukraine.

  • Identification of the way and conception of Merger and Acquisition
  • Development of M and A procedure concept
  • Search for companies as potential targets for M and A
  • Sale of non-core assets
  • Organization and implementation of M and A processes
  • Due Diligence related to the reorganization
  • Development of M and A financing schemes

Motives behind Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Operating synergies
  • Financial synergies
  • If two or more companies have complementary resources
  • The decline on industrial markets and diversification
  • Restructuring and reallocation of resources
  • The desire to reinforce the company monopoly

Horizontal mergers - integration of companies of the same industry producing the same product or performing the same stage of production

Vertical mergers - mergers of companies of different industries connected by technological process of manufacturing the final product , i.e. expansion by the buying company of its activities to either previous production stages or to the following production stages up to the consumer

Relative (parallel) mergers - mergers of companies producing related products

Conglomerate (Circle) mergers - mergers of companies from different industries without any manufacturing relations (diversification). In this case it is difficult to identify the primary production.